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AgRevival provides research and agronomy services for farmers and corporations. Unique in the industry, AgRevival uses research test plots that are much larger than typical academic or company-owned plots. Therefore, AgRevival can do “real world” studies on everything from central tire inflation systems to the latest fertilizers and crop production techniques. 

Brand Transformation

AgRevival’s owner, Nate, initially handled marketing and web design himself. He contacted Lead Marketing because he wanted to increase the company’s authority in the agronomy industry with a professional web presence and research book. Lead Marketing elevated AgRevival’s brand from the ground up, ensuring that it supported the company’s goal of attracting more corporations that want to invest in research trials. The brand’s new, professional image also boosted trust (and interest) among farmers in AgRevival’s agronomy and research services.

Branded Photography

There tends to be a disconnect between researchers and farmers. Many farmers consider research to be “experimental” and not directly tied to the real-world conditions they experience on their farms. AgRevival is different, however, in that its owner and employees are also farmers. The company’s photography is focused on this aspect of the business. Images show the company’s research in action using the same (although smaller) equipment that a farmer would use.


AgRevival’s website was on a tight budget and its primary purpose was to facilitate distribution of the company’s research book, which includes the results from the past year’s research studies. The website also explores the company’s mission—to share agronomic information with farmers to help them make the best decisions for their farms.


Since AgRevival’s rebranding, the number of requests for the company’s research book has been steadily increasing year over year. And, the company has also attracted more research requests from companies that require an independent research partner. 

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