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Although most people’s idea of a fun time doesn’t include soil sampling, agronomists do get excited about soil sampling, especially when they have a GPS-enabled soil sampler that’s accurate and easy to use. Enter Wintex Agro, which produces some of the fastest and most precise soil samplers in the world. Wintex Agro’s samplers have always been great; the same can’t be said for the company’s U.S.-market website. Unlike Wintex samplers, the site wasn’t easy for customers to use. And it didn’t clearly explain what the big deal was with Wintex samplers.

Brand Transformation

LEAD Marketing & Design set to work to replace Wintex Agro’s old site with a modern, professional design. On the new website, we make it clear how the Wintex line of soil samplers can make 12 hours feel like a short day. Information is presented in a logical flow—from high-level to model-specific—and is supported by branded photography. A online parts store, complete with equipment diagrams to make it easier to find parts, made ordering parts much easier for customers. 

Branded Photography

Lead Marketing worked with Wintex to align the company’s photography with its brand standards and edited the company’s photo resources accordingly. 

Wintex branded photography

Website Contents

Wintex’s old website was difficult to navigate—information wasn’t arranged logically and it was difficult for customers to find the correct replacement part(s) for their machines. Lead Marketing fixed the part search problems by implementing a standard text search function. Lead Marketing also added expanded diagrams of the soil samplers’ various systems, which allow a customer to visually identify the parts they need and order accordingly. 

Wintex website
Wintex old to new website
Wintex old to new parts website page


Wintex Agro, USA customers now have simple way to order replacement parts for their soil samplers. And to agronomists and researchers who may not be familiar with the Wintex lineup, they now have a clear and compelling website on which to discover these remarkable tools.

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