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Green Shield was born from one farmer’s frustration while spraying his crops. Get too close to your neighbor’s crop with your sprayer and you could find yourself in some hot water when your chemical makes his crop shrivel up and go brown. Enter Green Shield—an overspray barrier that allows farmers to use their full-size sprayers right up to their neighbors’ fields. In the past, these same farmers would have had to mount an ATV to spray field edges and waste hours and hours of time in the process.

Brand Launch

Green Shield needed to launch on a very limited budget. So as we worked through the project, we focused on maximizing photo and video assets. Lead Marketing & Design was able to capture all of the company’s product photography and videography in one evening shoot. These photos and videos then became the cornerstone of the company’s website and tradeshow booth.

Green Shield branded print materials

Branded Photography

Green Shield’s photography emphasizes green (an obvious choice) and also shows the barrier in action. This was important since it was a completely new product for the ag industry: the pictures explain what the product does at a glance without any copy needed.

Green Shield branded photography


Lead Marketing wrote, filmed, and edited Green Shield’s product video, which introduces the spray barrier concept and covers system design and operation.


Green Shield’s website began with one launch product and has since expanded to multiple products. The design is minimalist and clean. More importantly, potential customers can enter their sprayer makes and models to find the correct product for their machines and purchase directly from the website. 

Green Shield website


Green Shield’s marketing presence proves the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. The popularity of the company’s spray barriers continues to grow in both the individual farmer and customer applicator markets. 

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